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The conventions of what we see on TV are such that we’re frozen. NFL Jerseys Cheap.We often fail to see that what we see as normal is absurd.Cheap Jerseys From China.Conditioned, intellectually immobilized moments include those regularly seen on NFL telecasts, after the game’s first punt, when a camera shows the other’s team’s quarterback strapping on his helmet, running out on the field.We’ve probably seen that 20 times from Eli Manning. Cheap NBA Jerseys.“Yeah, come on, fellas, here we go! …” Followed by here-we-go warrior music, preface to a cutaway to Peyton Manning pizza and insurance commercials.Cheap NHL Jerseys.Where is everyone going? They don’t know by now that nothing’s going to happen, that punts are followed by TV timeouts?Ever debrief someone who just attended his or her first NFL game in years? Primary impressions include how often both teams have to loiter on the field — just standing around — awaiting the ends of commercial breaks before the game resumes.

TV remains under the pathetic misperception that America watches football to see players perform immodest post-play dances and any and all acts of self-aggrandizement.Cheap NFL Jerseys China.FOX’s weeklong promo for Sunday’s Bears-Giants? Odell Beckham Jr. dancing.Preview to MSG Network’s “Giants 1st and 10” show? Odell Beckham dancing.Cheap Authentic Jerseys China. SNY’s “SportsNite,” as late as Saturday? Beckham still dancing.Same with his commercial endorsements.Cheap MLB Jerseys.Maybe he will be remembered for his dancing as opposed to his football talent.China Jerseys. Maybe Tommy John will be remembered as a famous surgeon.One might think Beckham and TV’s shot-callers and advertisers would choose to emphasize his pass-catching skill as opposed to his obligatory self-glorifications. But, as they say in baseball, the game has changed.And with all that time to kill, why doesn’t ESPN’s “Monday Night Countdown” — now with six on-site panelists — package all the misconduct penalties from NFL games the day and night before, then examine how those penalties altered the outcomes of games.

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