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The Browns could have gone all-in on Wentz as their quarterback. They could have hedged their bets and added both Griffin and Wentz. Instead, they went all-in on Griffin. NFL Jerseys China.They traded the second pick and didn’t draft a quarterback until taking Southern Cal’s Cody Kessler in the third round.And now that Griffin has had an injury-filled season — not exactly a stunning development, given his fragility while in Washington — the Browns remain in no man’s land at quarterback. They have gone through Griffin, Josh McCown, Kessler, Charlie Whitehurst, rookie Kevin Hogan and wide receiver Terrelle Pryor at that spot this season. Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys.They don’t really know whether Kessler, who has played reasonably well in his eight starts, can be an honest-to-goodness, reliable NFL starter.Cheap NFL Authentic Jerseys.They don’t know whether Griffin can stay healthy, whether he still can play and whether he should figure into next season’s plans.


What’s great about the matchup of the Bills’ offense against the Steelers’ defense is both sides want to impose their will.Buffalo isn’t shy about what it wants to do: Burst through the heart of a defensive front.Pittsburgh’s decades-long defensive identity is just as clear: Stop the run at all costs. Jerseys Sale Online China.“You can’t have a team that does both things well,” linebacker James Harrison said about opponents .Harrison can say that with conviction after the Steelers’ recent run-defense success. NFL Jerseys China.After middling in the lower half of the league in late October, the Steelers’ run defense has held teams to less than 4 yards per carry in four of the last five games.Discount NFL Football Jerseys.Save the Dallas Cowboys’ 127-yard performance in Week 10 and Pittsburgh is holding teams to 57.5 yards per game on 79 carries (2.91 yards per carry).The Steelers feel they’ve found something on defense, but the Bills will test that discovery throughout Sunday afternoon.

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